The route of the 21th edition is under construction ! Come from 21st to 24th of May to discover it !

In the meantime, check out the key stages of the 20th edition to find out more about the events of the Raid Hannibal. 

For this 20th edition, Raid Hannibal thought big to celebrate this anniversary. Undoubtedly , Raid Hannibal is made of challenges : the challenge of perseverance, challenge of surpassing oneself for all participants, the challenge to do always more for the host team in order to make it even more unique than the last one. 


The 2019 Raid chose to honour the Mercantour national park : 

this year the runners were lucky to cross the start line in the very

heart of this massif, in the charming Saint-Dalmas, in the Vesubie

valley. They travelled throughout the surrounding ridges, crossed

 breathtaking sites like the  Millefonts lakes,before passing through

                                           the majestic cirque de la Madone de



                                        Then the participants continued their journey

j                                        until they reached the famous Turini pass for

                                         a mountain bike course, legendary stage of

                                         the Route des Grandes Alpes. At the end, a well deserved surprise activity.

                                        The last day, the course took the GR5 itinerary at dawn, overlooking the                                                      Mediterranean Sea  to finally arrive on the beach of Menton, a charming city of                                           the French Riviera.         









The objective of the 2019 Raid Hannibal route was to travel throughout the Southern Alps, and to arrive on the French Riviera, highlighting the diversity and the beauty of the alpine mass. The followed itinerary recalls the historical odyssey of Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca in 218 who crossed the Alps by elephant, giving his name to Raid Hannibal.

To sump up, 150km of trail, mountain bike in the Nice hinterland to arrive standing in water. 

                                                             DAY 1 


















                                            DAY 2






















                                                                             DAY 3









                                           DAY 4


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